What Are Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions?

What Are Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions

Hand-tied hair extensions can last for a long time provided they are properly cared for. We’ll discuss the advantages of hand-tied hair extensions and how they’re made, and how to keep them.

Wefts tied with hand

Weft hair extensions that are tied by hand are perfect for clients who aren’t suited for other hair extension systems. They can be used to introduce hair extensions to clients who are interested in their advantages. Hand-tied hair extensions aren’t as adhesive-dependent as other hair extensions. Because they’re cut in advance, hand-tied wefts are sewn to the natural hair strands merging seamlessly with natural hair.

For complete head coverage, 4 to 6 wefts are required to cover the entire head, while two or three bundles are needed to fill a portion. The hair extensions could last between six and eight months if they are treated with proper care. They may require to be moved every 6 to 10 weeks, based on how fast the hair grows.

Human Remy hair

Human Remy hair hand tied wefts are a great way to increase the length of your hair. They are 100% human hair and will last for a long time. They’re soft and silky, and come in a variety of colors and lengths. They are easy to style and straighten.

The 100 percent Remy hair used in hand-tied weft extensions is not treated to stop the hair from shedding. The extensions are tied by hand to lie flat against your scalp to provide extra comfort. You can stack them to add volume or dimension to your hair. The best thing about extensions is that you are able to choose the color of your extensions to suit your needs.

Installation process

Hair extensions tied with a hand are different from other extensions. Usually, the process takes at least half an hour, and may even take up to four hours depending on the length of your natural hair. During the process, the extension wefts are secured with silicone-lined beads, which create an extension’s framework. Once they’re in place, the wefts can be cut, combed, or styled. You can also get these extensions in many different lengths and shades. This lets you cover the entire area of your head and create any style.

The cost of hand-tied extensions is different from salon to and is based on the type of hair you’d like to create. However the initial cost of extensions doesn’t include the value of natural hair. Generallyspeaking, four to eight wefts are needed for volume and 10 or more are recommended for fine hair. The cost of maintaining hand-tied extensions is lower than for other extensions. It starts at $100 for a single row. As wefts grow in price, the cost will go up.


In order to extend the life of hand tied weft extensions, they need to be maintained properly. They can be maintained by brushing them often and using quality styling products. Your stylist will advise you on the best products to apply to hand-tied hair extensions. You should avoid using harsh shampoos as they can cause damage to the extensions.

Hair extensions that are tied by hand can cost anywhere from $1450 to $2000, depending on the density and length of the extensions. A new installation costs include custom cutting, blending and styling and coloring natural and extension hair. A new install usually takes about three to four hours. It is also important to schedule maintenance appointments every six to eight weeks. These appointments usually cost between $525 to $725 and will take approximately one hour.


Hand-tied wefts are more expensive than traditional beaded wefts which range from $300-$400 per 100 grams. They are also more noticeable and can be pulled up in many different ways. They can also be hidden by ponytails. Hand-tied extensions require more effort than traditional wefts, and require more time to apply. There are many different methods of application, and the method that best suits you is dependent on the type of hair you have and your preference.

Hand-tied hair extensions cost varies depending on where you are situated and the number of hairs you’d like to have. Depending on the amount of hair you want you may require four to eight wefts in order to achieve the desired look. If you want to add volume, you might require 10 wefts. In addition to the installation fees there are also maintenance expenses, which range between $100 and $200 per row. However, these costs are less expensive than buying new hair.

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