How to Prevent Hair Extensions Slippage Using Tape

tape hair extensions placement

Avoid getting your fingers on the tape tabs

Getting your fingers on the tape tabs while placing hair extensions can cause your hair to slip out of place. This can happen for a number of reasons. The most common reason is improper application. A salon professional should be consulted if you are experiencing slippage, but there are also a few things you can do to prevent the problem.

First, you should ensure your hair is clean and dry before you begin applying your extensions. The extensions will not be able to adhere to your scalp if they are greasy or oily. Using a clarifying shampoo on your hair will help to remove any build-up. Make sure to rinse your extensions thoroughly before you wash them again. Using a conditioner or detangling spray on your extensions can help keep them tangle free. If your extensions are extremely tangled, it may be best to visit your stylist.

You should also use a heat protector on your hair before curling it or using a flat iron. This will help to prevent the tabs from becoming gummy. Do not press your hot tools too hard, as it can melt the hair and burn your extensions. Instead, use a light pressure to style your hair. You can also bobby pin your hair back into place to secure it.

If your extensions are slipping, you can try to brush your hair gently. Don’t rub it against your comb or brush it in any other direction than the natural growth pattern. This can break down the adhesive bond, and result in the tapes falling out of your hair. You should also avoid wearing hats in the warmer months.

If you experience slippage after the installation process, you should seek the advice of a professional. A hair stylist will be able to replace the tape by peeling it off the plastic card, replacing it with new tape, and reinstalling the tape into your hair. They will also remove any excess adhesive residue that has accumulated on the tabs.

If you are experiencing slippage, your stylist may apply a baking soda solution to the tabs to help loosen them. You can also use a paddle brush or detangling brush to remove the tabs.

In addition to avoiding your fingers on the tape tabs when placing hair extensions, you should also wash your extensions with a clarifying shampoo before you wear them again. This will help to remove any oils or product that has built up on the tabs. You should also avoid using shampoos with sulphates or alcohol. This will also affect the strength of the adhesive bond.

When you reinstall your extensions, you should follow the same guidelines as you did the first time. You should start with the first row of extensions, and then add on one inch at a time. You should also ensure that the thickness of your hair is the same. This will ensure that the tape will not be visible.

You should also keep in mind that your extensions will move with the natural growth of your hair. You can always add more hair to blend your hair together. You can add on inch by inch until you reach the desired look.

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